Insolvency Practitioners

What We Do

We are renowned for undertaking forensic investigations, identifying
claims and achieving results which were not obvious at the outset of
the case. With our acknowledged technical ability, we are able to
achieve real results. We work creatively and in partnership with our
Insolvency Practioner clients to achieve the best results for
creditors. We advise Insolvency Practioners on all aspects of
corporate and personal insolvency including:

Corporate Insolvency
Office Holder Claims: Preferences, Transactions at
undervalue/defrauding creditors, Misfeasance,
Wrongful Trading, Void Dispositions
Forensic Investigations and Tracing Estate Assets
Company Voluntary Arrangements
Administrative Receivership
Petitions on failed CVAs
Validity of Charges
Sale of Business Assets
Debt Recovery
Examination of Company Directors and Others
Liquidations & Administrations
Personal Insolvency
Trustee’s claims; Preferences, Void Dispositions,
Transactions at Undervalue
Petitions on failed IVA’s
Validity of Charges
Forensic Investigations and Tracing Assets
Debt Recovery
Income Payment Agreements and Orders
Examination of Bankrupts and Third Parties
Solicitors Regulation Authority