The Process

Bankruptcy Petitions

A letter is sent to the Debtor giving the Debtor 7/14 days to respond
7/14 Days
If no response is received, or payment is not made, a Statutory Demand is served giving the Debtor 21 days from service to respond
4/5 Weeks
If no response to the statutory demand is received, or payment is not made, a Bankruptcy Petition is presented to the Court
7/8 Weeks
Once the Petition is received back from the Court the Petition is personally served on the Debtor
9/10 Weeks
Petition Hearing
12/16 Weeks

The above is an estimate only and assumes no problems with personal service of the Statutory Demand and/or the Petition, that the Petition is not contested or adjourned for any reason and that the Court is able to list the Petition for hearing within the period set out above.

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