The Process

Director’s Winding Up Petitions

The Directors resolve that the Company is insolvent and should be Wound Up
Winding Up Petition sent to the Court
1 Week
Winding Up Petition served at the Company’s registered office address
2/3 Weeks
First Hearing of the Petition. If the Company has ceased trading then a Winding Up Order may be made
5/9 Weeks
If no Winding Up Order is made, because the Company is continuing to trade, the Petition is advertised in the London Gazette
10/11 Weeks
Second hearing of the Petition at which the Winding Up Order should be made
12/14 Weeks

The above is an estimate only and assumes no problems with service of the Petition, that the Petition is not contested and that the Court is able to list the Petition for hearing within the period set out above.

Solicitors Regulation Authority